Summer Style Steals

It’s no secret, I LOVE to shop; especially for cute clothes and shoes! I love to have a variety of different pieces to choose from, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes because to me, clothes are dispensable and I always end up donating them after a few wears, or listing them on Poshmark. Since the pandemic, I’ve been doing all of my shopping online and of course, always looking for deals. I’ve listed 5 unexpected stores that have some of the cutest affordable clothes for summer that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?!”

  1. Kohls. I love shopping at Kohls for basic pieces like tshirts, tank tops, camisoles and sneakers. They always have a great selection of Converse, which is the sneakers you usually see me in. You can always find comfy cotton tanks like this in all colors and prints for less than 10 bucks each. Yes, I will still shop in the Junior’s section with no shame in my game! In general Kohls is overpriced, unless you know how to shop there! I take full advantage of the 30% off sales and the deals you get from being a Kohls charge card holder. And that Kohls cash?! Guurrrllll…….
Rainbow Tank and Converse from Kohls. Click photo to shop at Kohls.

2. Rainbow Shops. There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Rainbow store. I used to think I was “too good” to shop there (I was kinda stuck up back in the day, to keep it 100.) There’s always such a stigma about wearing inexpensive clothes. Of course I don’t want anything see through or paper thin, but if the clothes are cute and the quality is good, I’m all about it. Rainbow has some of the cutest summer clothes & sandals and you can get a whole bunch of stuff for 50 bucks. I always get a ton of compliments on my Rainbow outfits and I’ll be like, “Yes girl, got this dress for $9.”

Head to toe Rainbow! Dress, sunnies, bag and sandals. I got so many compliments on this look! Click photo to shop at Rainbow.

3. Amazon. I am a self proclaimed Amazon Queen! I legit have Amazon boxes at my door like every day. The reason why I love Amazon is because there is such a huge variety of clothes and you can find some really unique and inexpensive pieces on there. Plus, I love online shopping in general, there’s nothing like putting together outfits while you sit on the couch with a cup of coffee. The Prime shipping and free returns are definitely game changers too. I love being part of the Amazon Influencer Program because I can share all the stuff I adore on my own storefront. I just recently got some of the cutest swimsuits and cover-ups on there for less than $15 each!

Matching Bathing Suits From Amazon. Click photo to shop these swimsuits on Amazon.

4. Walmart. I don’t care what anyone says, Walmart has some STUFF!!! If you haven’t checked out the women’s section at Walmart you should definitely take a look; or browse online if you’re like me. Their Time and Tru and Sofia Vergara Collections have some really nice pieces that look much more expensive than they actually are. I was recently shocked to find super trendy Champion apparel online, so I had to scoop up this sweatshirt for less than $20. Perfect for those Summer nights when you catch a chill.

Summer nights in Champion. Click photo to shop Walmart.

5. Forever 21. Girl, don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to be shopping at Forever 21! I LOVE their adorable & trendy clothes and always get compliments when I rock their stuff. Their summer collection has some of the prettiest feminine florals and tropical looks that are perfect for all of those events I’m not going to this summer…I’m looking at you Covid! Luckily there’s always Instagram.

Lilac floral set from Forever 21, less than $20 for the set! Clear sandals were only $11 and go with everything. Click photo to shop Forever 21.

Obviously there’s tons of places to get cute affordable clothes, but these happen to be my go to spots this summer. When it comes to shopping, I’m always looking for the best deals, so I can feel good knowing that I saved money for more important things, but can still slay all day! The thing that makes the outfits stand out the most, is the confidence of the woman wearing them.

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