13 Fun and Safe Ways to Celebrate Fall and Halloween With Your Family

Its the little things that make everyday special.

2020 has been quite an “interesting” year for lack of a better term. Covid had definitely put a damper on most of our summer plans, and now that Fall is here you may be looking for ideas on how to be in the spirit and enjoy the season with your family, while keeping everyone healthy & safe. Since most Fall fairs have been cancelled, gathering indoors can be more risky and many people will likely opt out of trick or treating; I’ve compiled a list of 13 fun activities you can do to keep Fall and Halloween fun for everyone.

  1. DECORATE. Creating a festive space around you is the easiest way to get into the Fall/Halloween spirit. You can order decor online and many stores have curbside pickup. Check out my Fall decorating blog post for ideas! Get the kiddos involved by having them help lay out the pumpkins or make paper bats to hang up.
Check out my Fall Decor Blog for places to shop!

2. APPLE PICKING. Depending on where you live, nothing screams Fall like visiting an apple orchard. There are a ton of places to pick apples in Connecticut, and since its an outdoor activity its much less of a risk for being exposed to the coronavirus. Weekends can be packed with people so I try to plan my activities for during the week if possible. If you must go on the weekends, the earlier the better to avoid crowds.

Connecticut has some wonderful apple orchards.

3. PUMPKIN PICKING. Again, depending on where you live, pumpkin picking can be a fun outdoor activity for the whole family!

Safety first!

4. CAMPFIRE & S’MORES. Fall nights are the best for spooky ghost stories around the fire, and there aren’t many treats tastier or more fun to make than s’mores!

Who wants s’more?

5. MAKE APPLE TREATS. Of course with all the apples you picked you will need to search some recipes for what to do with them! Apple pie, caramel apples, and apple crisp will not only be tasty fall treats for the family, but will make your home smell yummy, warm and cozy too. Be sure to get the kids involved with the preparation.

Apple crisp fresh out of the oven!

6. CARVE/PAINT PUMPKINS. This is by far one of the most fun Halloween activities for kids of all ages (parents too). Older kids can get super creative with their pumpkins, and the little ones love to paint and stick their hands in the slimy pumpkin guts. Get your pumpkin carving knives out (under adult supervision) and lay out some newspaper and some supplies like paint, stickers, glue, glitter, bedazzling jewels and just about anything you can think of and have some fun!

Pumpkin fun!

7. BAKE PUMPKIN SEEDS. After carving, don’t just toss those pumpkin seeds in the trash, they make a tasty treat! Rinse off all the pumpkin guts, preheat the oven to 300, toss them in some melted butter, drain and lay flat on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt or any seasonings you like and bake for about 45 minutes or until they are golden brown.

8. SCARY MOVIE NIGHT. Make some yummy snacks & popcorn, put out some fun Halloween paper plates and napkins, light some fall candles, and snuggle up together for some of your favorite Halloween movies. For the kids there are the classics like Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Great Pumpkin and newer goodies like Hotel Transylvania, Paranorman and The Book of Life. Once the kiddies are asleep there are a ton of creepy flicks to choose from, one of my favorites is Silent Hill!

Cozy up with popcorn for some Halloween classics!

9. DECORATE CUPCAKES. Most grocery stores, craft stores and Amazon carry fun Halloween cake sprinkles and decorations. You can even find vivid colored frosting or create your own with food coloring. My daughters love to frost and decorate cupcakes and of course the most fun is eating them!

10. GET DRESSED UP! What’s Halloween without costumes?! You can order some really awesome costumes, makeup and accessories online, or be creative with stuff from home. No need to limit yourself to October 31st, this year I’ve been getting dressed up all month long!

Click the photo to follow me on Instagram for Halloween looks all October 2020 long!

11. HALLOWEEN ARTS & CRAFTS. Arts and crafts are fun year round for kids, all you need is some construction paper and art supplies from Dollar Tree for a budget friendly Halloween activity that will keep them entertained and creative. Displaying the artwork will add to your decor and give your children a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Easy paper bats on sticks.

12. HALLOWEEN CANDY HUNT. If you are opting out of Trick or Treating this year a fun alternative for the little ones would be a candy hunt. Just fill up some orange, purple & green Easter eggs with candies and have them hunt for them before it gets too dark out! Dollar Tree has some cute tin Halloween buckets you can fill with candy and little toys as well for an extra added treat to help make missing out on Trick or Treating a little easier.

Let them eat candy!

13. GO ON A NATURE WALK. Depending on where you live, Fall is the most beautiful season. The colorful leaves and crisp air make for a perfect time to observe nature. Best part is you can definitely keep your distance and if you find a secluded enough spot, you can keep off those masks. Grab your family along with your hoodies and some comfortable shoes and go explore!

Get outside before the frost of winter arrives!

Enjoy your Fall and be healthy and safe! For more tips, ideas, and recipes delivered right to your inbox, please subscribe.

4 thoughts on “13 Fun and Safe Ways to Celebrate Fall and Halloween With Your Family

  1. Love this list! We’ll be following your 12th recommendation and doing a Halloween candy hunt. I like the idea of doing it outside, but I think it will be too cold. I think having that sort of scavenger hunt inside the house will be just as fun for the kids. Thanks for the tips.

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