Switching Focus

Hard work pays off, and peace is priceless.

It felt so good to open the door to my kitchen and step out on the beautiful patio that I have been planning and working on for months. Time constraints and weather setbacks made it tougher to get it completed, but I can finally relax and enjoy it. Yes, I love the way it turned out, but the finished product is much more than what meets the eye. This project was a shift in focus for me, a way to feel a sense of accomplishment and push myself in a different direction, an escape from the stress of being an “influencer” with a career and a family who was on the verge of a complete burnout.

Anyone who follows me on social media, may have noticed that I scaled back heavily in regards to my curly hair YouTube videos, Tik Tok, Instagram, Amazon Influencer program, and even this blog. It may come as a surprise since I had been sharing so many amazing opportunities that had come my way so quickly. My videos on YouTube have generated thousands and thousands of views and began running ads, and coupled with my social media accounts, I was receiving hair products in the mail almost every day from companies looking for content. I had finally begun getting paid for my posts, and affiliate marketing along with my Amazon store was becoming a nice side hustle.

So what happened? Why would I stop something when I was finally getting noticed and paid? Well, it suddenly stopped being fun. I started all of this, not necessary thinking it would lead to a full time career, but I thought I’d get some free hair stuff just for posting pics and having fun. It was going great, but I became completely overwhelmed. Taking photos and creating videos is not as “easy” as it looks. The set up, the editing, the lighting, the planning, the outfits, the whole process can take hours sometimes and many times there are deadlines you have to meet with brands. I was doing this for multiple products and for Amazon as well. During this time I was also in the middle of a career transition. I started working in a new law firm, learning real estate law which can be extremely stressful and my work hours completely changed from what I was used to.

While trying to juggle my new office life, and “influencing” I was missing out on family time. On weekends I would have to tell my little one that I couldn’t play because I had to make videos, or I had to do my makeup and my hair. I would be filming for hours while sacrificing so much of our life. The turning point was a few hours after I posted a video on Instagram that I felt obligated to do. I was tired, I really didn’t feel like doing my hair, but I was getting paid to create this “ad”. A few hours later I received a message from a follower asking me if I was “ok”. I was taken back by this question. So I inquired to why she would think that I wasn’t ok. Her response was, “It might just be me, but your smile is not reaching your eyes. It’s not that big, cheery, make you squint your eyes kinda smile, like you always do.” I was stunned. She was right. I looked back at the video and couldn’t believe how disinterested and bored I looked. It really hit me that I just wasn’t into creating another hair video. The whole thing became so overwhelming and stressful that it became a chore. I was putting so much effort into it, that it began to suck the fun out of it.

I realized that I needed to take a break from creating content. I switched my focus to things that I had been neglecting; my home life, my family, and my rest. So, what have I been keeping myself occupied with? My REAL life! I stopped obsessing over having perfect curls, I wore a lot less makeup, I work out every day, and I started spending time on the weekends watching Miraculous Ladybug with my daughters and sharing a beer with my husband on the couch. I started binge watching The Vampire Diaries at night and working on the project of transforming my patio in my free time. I planned it all out and as I stained my deck, it took my focus away from the deadlines and away from everything really. Although it was a lot of work, it brought me some peace and a sense of accomplishment in creating something that me and my family would enjoy this summer. It was real life and I didn’t feel pressured into documenting every second of it.

I think I will slowly ease myself into creating and posting more content, but I won’t let it control my life. I want to keep it as a fun hobby as I intended it to be. I have a great respect for content creators that do it as their job, but it’s not something that I want to be. I don’t want to feel the pressure of having to prove myself, having to always be “hustling & grinding” having to constantly show what I have accomplished, what I can do, what my hair looks like, where I got my outfit from, etc. The whole, “hustle, grind, and no days off” culture can be so toxic. The notion that you always have to be working and “accomplishing” things can easily lead to a burnout if you’re not careful. I realized that having a more laid back life where I focus on my home, my family, and my peace, and occasionally posting my content is much more fulfilling. I realized that everything I ever needed and wanted is literally right in front of me and the “extra” isn’t worth the time I was losing.

Easy Italian Inspired Dinner Your Family Will Love!

This easy semi-homemade Italian inspired dinner will definitely be a family favorite!

I’m kinda obsessed with the yummy flavors of Caprese salad and often make it as a snack for me and my husband. I even got my finicky 16 year old to love it as well. Recently, as I was contemplating what would be on our dinner menu that evening, I had a craving for Caprese and created my dinner around it. The result was a delicious, light yet filling dinner full of savory Italian flavors my family devoured.

Here’s all the stuff you need! (Easy to adjust ingredients depending on the amount of people you plan to serve.)

Caprese Salad:

  • Large tomato sliced
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Fresh Basil chopped
  • Balsamic vinaigrette (I love Newman’s Own Honey Balsamic)

On a large serving dish alternate the sliced mozz cheese and tomato slices. Sprinkle the chopped basil over the top and drizzle with the balsamic vinaigrette. Easy peasy!

Bread & Dipping Oil:

  • Pillsbury French Loaf (obviously you can use any fresh bread you like)
  • Flavored Olive Oil (you can buy garlic and other flavored olive oil at the grocery store or make your own by adding garlic and spices to plain olive oil and let it soak in the flavors for a few days at least.)

I always have Pillsbury bread loafs and biscuits in my fridge because they are so simple to make and there are so many things you can do with them! The french loaf bakes at 350 for about 25 min. You can pop it in the oven while you prepare the rest of your meal. Serve it on the same large dish as the Caprese with the dipping oil on the side.

Savory Italian chicken tenders:

  • Olive oil for frying, about 2-3 tablespoons
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • Italian seasoning
  • Italian salad dressing
  • chicken tenders (I used a pound for 3 people, adjust accordingly)

In a large non stick frying pan heat olive oil and butter over medium heat. Sprinkle salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic powder over chicken tenders (to taste). Add chicken to hot oil and fry on each side for a few minutes. Pour Italian salad dressing over chicken and cover pan. Cook for about 8-10 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Serve on the same large dish as bread & Caprese.

Seriously, you will not believe how easy this dinner is to put together, or how much you and your fam will love it!

Buon Appetito!

Check out my Chef It Up! Amazon list for cooking and serving stuff!

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During the Pandemic

Let the love in!

Valentines day is almost upon us, and even though we are still in the midst of the Covid pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and bring some V-Day love into your home for you and your family.

Click the photo to shop V-Day decor!

1.) Decorate!: If you have been following my blog you know how much I love to decorate for every holiday. I find joy in creating pretty, festive and cozy spaces or every holiday. It gives me something to look forward to and since we are stuck at home more during the pandemic, it’s fun to switch up the scenery. You can find some cute Valentine’s decorations at great prices at Big Lots, Michael’s and of course, Amazon!

Cute V-Day cupcakes? Yes please!

2.) Valentine’s Cupcakes: Making cupcakes for any occasion or holiday is a fun and easy way to celebrate with the kiddos. If your children are like mine, they love to bake and especially decorate cupcakes. Bake your fave cake flavor and let them frost with pink, white, red and chocolate frosting and top with candy hearts and sprinkles. You can find a nice selection of cake decorations at Michael’s and even your grocery store.

Love the look!

3.) Dress up: I love dressing for the occasion and Valentines day is such an easy holiday to dress for, just add some RED! Amazon has some really cute V-Day tees that you can dress up or down. Click the photo to shop this look. I also have a bunch of adorable red dresses and heart printed pieces you will love on my Valentine’s Day Outfit List on my Amazon Storefront.

Send some love.

4.) V-Day Cards and Crafts: Valentine’s day would not be complete without paper hearts and cards! Crafting is always fun for creative little hands and minds, so spread out some colorful construction paper, markers, glitter and glue and let your little ones create “love”ly masterpieces that you can hang up. Don’t forget to mail some to your family and friends to spread the V-Day love. Nothing more special than a handmade card, especially since we don’t get to see each other in person as much anymore. While your at it, you can get in on the card making action too and share some special hand made cards with your girlfriends!

Netflix and Chill.

5.) Love Movie Nights: Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and blanket, and snuggle on the couch with your fam to watch some classic love movies. Some great ideas for kids are of course Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast and Lady and the Tramp. Teens will love 10 Things I Hate About You and Sixteen Candles. You and your partner can find some sweet rom-coms on Netflix when the kids are in bed!

Love is in the air.

6.) Romantic Valentine’s Day Picnic: I don’t know about you, but I’m not really into going to restaurants these days, and there’s no way in heck I’m waiting in a long line to be seated for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Instead, I am planning a romantic dinner for 2 on my living room floor with my husband (while the little one is at grandma’s). Just spread out a soft blanket, light some candles, play some romantic music you both love, pop a bottle of champagne and just enjoy each other’s company. You can order take-out, do curbside pick up, or cook together! For lighter dining, you can make a charchuterie board and some chocolate covered strawberries. Your only limit is your culinary imagination.

Pancakes anyone?

7.) Valentine’s Day Breakfast: Since V-Day falls on Sunday this year, what a sweet surprise it will be to wake your family up to a special breakfast full of heart shaped pancakes, chocolate syrup, strawberries, cinnamon rolls and all the morning yum you can think of. Be sure to put your breakfast goodies on a festive table cloth complete with V-Day paper goods, “Hello dollar store!” I will use this time to give my daughter’s the sweet teddy bears and gifts I got for them. I just love to spread the love!

How will you spend this Valentines day? Share with me some more fun ideas you may have and be sure to subscribe for more sweet and easy ways to celebrate the holidays and so much more!

Note to Self: It’s OK to Relax

It’s OK to put your feet up, pour a nice cup of tea and binge watch Netflix.

Being a wife, mother, having a career in a demanding legal field while being a content creator is absolutely exhausting. I constantly feel like I’m being pulled in different directions and have different roles to play in each direction. I have always been a perfectionist and push myself every day to be productive and strive to be the “perfect” wife, mom, daughter, friend, person. I love to cook fancy meals for my family, make my husband happy & proud, be the caring & supportive mother to my 15 year old while being the sweet and cuddly “Mama” to my 3 year old. I like to have my house in order, to decorate, wear the stylish outfits with my hair and makeup “just so”. But it’s not only my personal life that I hold to this standard, I want the WORLD to be perfect. Watching the news, reading articles on current events, knowing there are people struggling that I know, or haven’t even met, can cause me a great deal of distress & inner turmoil. I wish I could “save the world” so to speak and I carry so much stress upon me and even the burden of others, that it can, and has, physically made me feel sick.

I’m the type of person who can’t relax if there are dishes in the sink or crumbs on the counter. I hold myself and honestly everyone around me to the highest standard and often become incredibly disappointed if I, or they, don’t make the mark. It’s just my personality, and although I am happy with my life and who I am, sometimes, I too, get burnt out. I work full time and I rarely schedule time for relaxing. I think of all the things I can accomplish in my free time, like film a hair tutorial, take photos in outfits for my Amazon Shop, or create content for brands. If I don’t use my free time “wisely” I get very frustrated and feel like a lazy failure. I will often talk negatively to myself and put so much pressure and unrealistic expectations on my everyday life. I push myself A LOT.

I have come to realize that it’s OK to take a day off, or even two. It’s OK to not be everything to everyone today, and tomorrow can wait. Relaxing doesn’t make me lazy, it’s necessary for my mental and physical health. The world will not stop if I take a day off, my sponsors will not abandon me if I don’t create content every single day. My true followers won’t desert me if I’m not constantly posting. My office work will still be there in the morning. Thank God for my amazing husband who helps me with the burdens of the household and encourages me to slow down while showing me every day that he appreciates and is proud of everything I do.

I’m still a mother, I’m still a wife, I’m still an experienced and skilled paralegal, I’m still a content creator and blogger. I’m not selfish for taking time away from life’s burdens, I’m still the ambitious, creative, go-getter that I always have been, but today and maybe even tomorrow, I’m taking a break; and you know what? It feels amazing. Take time for yourself, rest and regroup, because you can’t pour from an empty cup and the world needs you at your best.

Gingerbread House Day! Little Details to Make Christmas Activities Extra Special

Big Lots is an awesome place to shop inexpensive baking supplies and Christmas decor.

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate and get into the spirit than by decorating gingerbread houses & gingerbread people. This is a great activity for kids as young as 2 or 3 and for the whole family to enjoy together. Kits can be found at most grocery stores, Walmart, Target, and even craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels. I love shopping for holiday baking supplies at Big Lots because they have an awesome selection and their prices are unbeatable.

Make the activity more festive and easy to clean up by using a disposable Christmas tablecloth and fun printed plates. Although the kits usually come with candies to decorate the gingerbread houses, I like to pick up a few more tubes of colored icing, candies and fun sprinkles. Michaels also has a nice variety of cake decorating supplies for your gingerbread masterpieces.

On my table this year I also added a cute ceramic jar full of hot cocoa mix and fun snowman mugs for my girls, so they can sip as they decorate. Although a fun activity to do with kids, this would make a perfect ladies night or party with friends too! You can totally add some Bailey’s to your hot chocolate, or sip on wine and cocktails.

I find that presentation makes a huge difference and I always create fun tablescapes for any activity or when presenting gifts, especially for kids. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create pretty, festive and exciting spaces; the only limit is your imagination.

Now that you have your decorating table and supplies set up, turn up the Christmas music, or play your favorite holiday movie in the background. Remember, when decorating with kids, let them lead the way and enjoy the experience using their creativity. Let them be messy and decorate as they wish!

Enjoy making memories!

Baking Box Christmas Gift Idea

My 3 year old can’t wait to bake Christmas cupcakes!

If you have a little one who loves to help bake cupcakes, this baker’s box gift will be a hit. It’s perfect for teens, grand parents, or anyone who loves to make baked goodies. I’m not a baker by any means so the box mixes and frosting are good enough for me; but if you have an all homemade baker, you can definitely use some mason jars and cute decorative containers for the ingredients to make the box as well.

All you need is a pretty box, cake mixes, frosting, decorative cupcake liners and picks, fun Christmas sprinkles (or any holiday really!), some yummy candies, and toss in a few little personalized trinkets and you are sure to put a smile on any baker’s face! For the little ones, it’s a great activity that you can do together leading up to the holidays.

Obviously you can get most of these items at the grocery store, but craft stores like Michael’s has a great selection of holiday themed baking materials and you can find great deals on the mixes and frosting at Big Lots! This would make a great basket idea as well.


13 Fun and Safe Ways to Celebrate Fall and Halloween With Your Family

Its the little things that make everyday special.

2020 has been quite an “interesting” year for lack of a better term. Covid had definitely put a damper on most of our summer plans, and now that Fall is here you may be looking for ideas on how to be in the spirit and enjoy the season with your family, while keeping everyone healthy & safe. Since most Fall fairs have been cancelled, gathering indoors can be more risky and many people will likely opt out of trick or treating; I’ve compiled a list of 13 fun activities you can do to keep Fall and Halloween fun for everyone.

  1. DECORATE. Creating a festive space around you is the easiest way to get into the Fall/Halloween spirit. You can order decor online and many stores have curbside pickup. Check out my Fall decorating blog post for ideas! Get the kiddos involved by having them help lay out the pumpkins or make paper bats to hang up.
Check out my Fall Decor Blog for places to shop!

2. APPLE PICKING. Depending on where you live, nothing screams Fall like visiting an apple orchard. There are a ton of places to pick apples in Connecticut, and since its an outdoor activity its much less of a risk for being exposed to the coronavirus. Weekends can be packed with people so I try to plan my activities for during the week if possible. If you must go on the weekends, the earlier the better to avoid crowds.

Connecticut has some wonderful apple orchards.

3. PUMPKIN PICKING. Again, depending on where you live, pumpkin picking can be a fun outdoor activity for the whole family!

Safety first!

4. CAMPFIRE & S’MORES. Fall nights are the best for spooky ghost stories around the fire, and there aren’t many treats tastier or more fun to make than s’mores!

Who wants s’more?

5. MAKE APPLE TREATS. Of course with all the apples you picked you will need to search some recipes for what to do with them! Apple pie, caramel apples, and apple crisp will not only be tasty fall treats for the family, but will make your home smell yummy, warm and cozy too. Be sure to get the kids involved with the preparation.

Apple crisp fresh out of the oven!

6. CARVE/PAINT PUMPKINS. This is by far one of the most fun Halloween activities for kids of all ages (parents too). Older kids can get super creative with their pumpkins, and the little ones love to paint and stick their hands in the slimy pumpkin guts. Get your pumpkin carving knives out (under adult supervision) and lay out some newspaper and some supplies like paint, stickers, glue, glitter, bedazzling jewels and just about anything you can think of and have some fun!

Pumpkin fun!

7. BAKE PUMPKIN SEEDS. After carving, don’t just toss those pumpkin seeds in the trash, they make a tasty treat! Rinse off all the pumpkin guts, preheat the oven to 300, toss them in some melted butter, drain and lay flat on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt or any seasonings you like and bake for about 45 minutes or until they are golden brown.

8. SCARY MOVIE NIGHT. Make some yummy snacks & popcorn, put out some fun Halloween paper plates and napkins, light some fall candles, and snuggle up together for some of your favorite Halloween movies. For the kids there are the classics like Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Great Pumpkin and newer goodies like Hotel Transylvania, Paranorman and The Book of Life. Once the kiddies are asleep there are a ton of creepy flicks to choose from, one of my favorites is Silent Hill!

Cozy up with popcorn for some Halloween classics!

9. DECORATE CUPCAKES. Most grocery stores, craft stores and Amazon carry fun Halloween cake sprinkles and decorations. You can even find vivid colored frosting or create your own with food coloring. My daughters love to frost and decorate cupcakes and of course the most fun is eating them!

10. GET DRESSED UP! What’s Halloween without costumes?! You can order some really awesome costumes, makeup and accessories online, or be creative with stuff from home. No need to limit yourself to October 31st, this year I’ve been getting dressed up all month long!

Click the photo to follow me on Instagram for Halloween looks all October 2020 long!

11. HALLOWEEN ARTS & CRAFTS. Arts and crafts are fun year round for kids, all you need is some construction paper and art supplies from Dollar Tree for a budget friendly Halloween activity that will keep them entertained and creative. Displaying the artwork will add to your decor and give your children a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Easy paper bats on sticks.

12. HALLOWEEN CANDY HUNT. If you are opting out of Trick or Treating this year a fun alternative for the little ones would be a candy hunt. Just fill up some orange, purple & green Easter eggs with candies and have them hunt for them before it gets too dark out! Dollar Tree has some cute tin Halloween buckets you can fill with candy and little toys as well for an extra added treat to help make missing out on Trick or Treating a little easier.

Let them eat candy!

13. GO ON A NATURE WALK. Depending on where you live, Fall is the most beautiful season. The colorful leaves and crisp air make for a perfect time to observe nature. Best part is you can definitely keep your distance and if you find a secluded enough spot, you can keep off those masks. Grab your family along with your hoodies and some comfortable shoes and go explore!

Get outside before the frost of winter arrives!

Enjoy your Fall and be healthy and safe! For more tips, ideas, and recipes delivered right to your inbox, please subscribe.

Budget Friendly Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

Little sugar pumpkins are super inexpensive and perfect decor for your mantles, fire places, coffee tables and front porch. Add a plaid ribbon on the stem for extra Fall pizzazz.

Fall is finally here and Halloween is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate the season and get cozy than with some festive decor, especially since Covid is keeping us at home more. I absolutely love this time of year and Autumn decorations are definitely my favorite. The pretty orange tones, spooky pieces and yummy apple & pumpkin spice smelling candles always put me in a delightful mood. Of course when it comes to decorating I always search for the best deals, so I gathered up some of my favorite decorated areas of my home and want to share the how to’s and where you can get some of these fab Fall finds.

A little mix of rustic farmhouse Fall and Halloween

Decorating my mantle/fireplace area is my favorite because you can do so much with it and it’s usually the focal point of the room. This year I kept with the white & black buffalo plaid theme throughout my house and added a lot of pops of orange and rustic pieces and just little touches of Halloween. I usually add more Halloween pieces in October. Much of these items I found on Amazon and are super affordable, including the buffalo check throw, stick on bats, LED candles and lantern. The “Halloween Farm” pillow cover came in a set; I love pillow covers because instead of having to store a ton of throw pillows, I can just switch out the covers for the season. This saves space and money, and Amazon has a HUGE selection of fun pillow covers for every season & holiday.

Diy Rustic Fall Lantern

The lantern was plain when I bought it, but with an LED candle inside, plaid ribbon and a distressed faux sunflower I found at Hobby Lobby, it turned into a really pretty Fall piece. The “Witch Please” pillow cover is one of my favorites and I picked that up along with the LED witch pumpkin at Big Lots. They have some amazing and affordable decorations! Another cool idea that I love is to search YouTube for backgrounds with ambient music to display on the TV when we aren’t watching it. It adds to the cozy vibe and you can usually find one that matches your aesthetic.

Farmhouse Fall Dining Table Decor

For my dining table I kept with the white & black buffalo plaid and added this orange plaid runner I found on Amazon. A lot of these decorations I found from Michael’s, they have some of the best deals and coupons and this year’s Hocus Pocus collection (including this spell book & black cat) is to die for! They have an assortment of chargers, LED candles, pillar holders, florals and trays to create a beautiful scene. Again I mixed rustic fall with a few Halloween pieces to create a fun tablescape that will get you in the Autumn spirit.

The Snuggle Is Real in Autumn

Decorative trays like this white wooden tray from Michaels’s, are a great way to create sweet little scenes for your coffee table, side tables, even your bed. I love how they add just a little something extra to your home decor. Here I added some different textured and colored pumpkins from Hobby Lobby & Dollar Tree, and the “Snuggle is Real” tabletop sign is from Big Lots. No coffee table is complete without a Fall scented candle, and Bath & Body Works recently had their 3 wick candle sale so of course I was all over it!

Country Kitchen Fall Decor

In the Summer my breakfast nook had lemons “for sale”, but I switched it up with these cute little gourds and florals from Hobby Lobby and the chalkboard sign is from Amazon along with the galvanized pitcher and pillow covers. Simple little details can really make a big difference when setting your scene! I stuck with the white buffalo plaid once again in the kitchen, but kept it more Fall than Halloween with pops of golden yellow and orange.

Summer sun room converted to cozy Fall escape.

This year I decided to extend the life our of sun room and decorate it for fall and add a cute little electric fireplace space heater. By adding some Autumn print pillow covers from Amazon and a few gourds, fall florals, candle holders and festive signs from Dollar Tree, I was able to make a really cozy space for a great low price! The key is to pick like 3 main colors and go from there. I chose to play up the existing burnt red orange and warm yellow throughout the space. This actually has become my new favorite spot to drink my morning coffee under a blanket and watch the leaves fall.

Amazon has an amazing selection of pillow covers to easily switch up your decor.

I hope my Fall decor gave you some inspiration for your own home! You can easily create a warm and inviting space for you and your family as well with affordable decorations and a little creativity. Be sure to subscribe to get more ideas and inspo delivered directly to your inbox!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Super Simple Cheesy Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip & Bread

Cheddar, Bacon & Ranch DIp.

Looking for a simple dip recipe for a party, pot luck, holiday, or movie night snack? You have come to the right place! This dip is so incredibly easy and so absolutely delicious it will have your guests looking for more when the serving dish empties. Add a side of warm Pillsbury french bread or even tortilla chips and I guarantee everyone will be asking you for the recipe!

Stuff you need:

  • 1 8oz block of cream cheese (softened)
  • 1 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup of cooked bacon bits
  • 1/4 cup of fresh chopped scallions
  • 1 packet of ranch seasoning mix
  • 1 cup of sour cream
  • 2 Pillsbury French Loaves
  • Cooking spray

Chef it up:

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.) Place 2 Pillsbury loaves on baking sheet (bake according to package directions)

3.) Mix together cream cheese, cheddar, bacon bits, scallions, ranch packet and sour cream (you can add a little more or less of any ingredient to taste)

4.) Spray small baking/casserole dish with cooking spray and add dip mixture

5.) You can put the dip in the oven with the bread. Bake for about 20-25 minutes until top starts to lightly brown and bubble.

6.) Stir dip and serve with the warm sliced bread loaves. (you can also serve with tortilla chips, pita bread, etc.)

7.) Enjoy and relish in the praise!

This dip will undoubtedly become a go-to favorite. Be sure to subscribe for more easy and delicious recipes delivered straight to your email.

5 Best Sites to Shop Affordable Autumn Decor: Check Out My Fab Fall Finds!

It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE FALL! The decorations, yummy scented candles, pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and of course, Halloween! Since the start of the pandemic, my family and I have been very strict with social distancing and order everything we need online. It saddens me not to be able to go “fall shopping” in and out all of my favorite stores this year, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying festive Fall and Halloween decor to create a warm and inviting space for the season. Of course, all my Fall finds were super affordable without skimping on quality. Be sure to click the photos to be directed and start shopping to your Autumn heart’s content.

Walmart carries some of the cutest plaid pumpkins and Fall scented Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products.

1.) Walmart. Walmart really stepped up their decor game over the years and dare I say gives Target a run for their money on the Fall cozy front! Their collection of rustic farmhouse pumpkins, plaid, and beautiful burnt orange, gold and burgundy decorative pillows and pieces will make you want to snuggle in your home with a cup of hot apple cider. Speaking of apple cider, your kitchen won’t be complete this season without the yummy Fall scented Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. Walmart has delivery and free store pick up to ease your pandemic shopping anxiety.

Big Lots Halloween decor is to die for! (see what I did there?)

2.) Big Lots. If you are looking for some of the cutest and budget friendly Fall and Halloween pieces to spruce up your Fall tables and fire places, check out Big Lots. I really love Big Lots home decor for any season. You can find a huge selection of unique and trendy decorations for Summer, Fall, Halloween, Christmas and everything in between at a fraction of the cost of high end stores. I love that Big Lots offers delivery, but also curbside pickup. I was able to place my order online and have my Halloween goodies brought out right to my car the very same day!

Michaels has all your Fall DIY necessities and yummy scented candles.

3.) Michaels. If you’re looking to do some Fall DIY to create all of your Autumn Pinterest board inspirations, look no further than Michaels. I found the cutest Halloween picks to add to my Fall flower arrangements and little hay bales for my soon to be front porch set up. Michaels also carries all of your favorite candle scents in fun decorative jars like the Vanilla Bean Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spiced Cider I picked up. The great thing about these candles is they smell just as good as Yankee Candles at less than half the price! Michaels also offers delivery and same day curbside pick up. Score!

If you are looking for Rustic Farmhouse Fall inspiration, Hobby Lobby has you covered!

4.) Hobby Lobby. Rustic Farmhouse Fall you say? Hello Hobby Lobby! They have some of the prettiest and realistic looking florals and the soft fall tones mixed with plaids, old fashion trucks, distressed wood and everything you will need for your country style home decorating. I really love their Autumn collection because the pieces are high quality and look like you paid a fortune for them, without actually having to break the bank. You can really do up your Thanksgiving table with their artificial gourds and distressed sunflowers to make an inviting backdrop to your feast. Hobby Lobby offers delivery and often provides coupon codes for free shipping over $50 and 40% off a single item.

Amazon has Fall and Halloween COVERED!

5.) Amazon. Of course Amazon was going to make my list! I created a Fall Decor Idea List on my Amazon Storefront full of everything you need to really turn your home into a cozy Autumn retreat or a Spooky Halloween Hideout. One of my favorite decorating ideas it to switch up my throw pillows for the seasons. Amazon has the best selection of festive throw pillow covers I have seen and they are super affordable. Instead of owning a million throw pillows that take up a lot of room, I cover a few of them each season. Check out some of the cute covers I found for for less than $20! I can also count on Amazon for unique pieces and little touches that you can’t find anywhere else. Of course with their free Prime delivery the boxes filled with Fall goodies were rolling in!

I hope this list was helpful to you on your hunt to create an inviting and cozy Fall space this year. I personally cannot wait to put out my stuff and start lighting candles. I usually start adding decor to my home the first weekend in September. With Covid still lingering among us, my family will definitely be spending more time than ever at home so I want to make it as warm and festive as possible, for as long as I can. When do you plan on decorating for Fall?