The Best Drug Store Curly Hair Products for Your Budget!

When I started out on my curly hair journey I didn’t realized just how many curly hair products there are, and I easily became overwhelmed by the choices & spent a ton of money trying different ones out. Not that I’m complaining about trying out new products, because I am definitely a product junkie, butContinue reading “The Best Drug Store Curly Hair Products for Your Budget!”

My Hair Loss Story and How I Grew It Back

In June of 2018 I decided I was done with birth control pills. I was tired of the side effects, mood swings, and just wanted my body cycles to happen naturally without the synthetic drugs regulating my body. Taking birth control pills is obviously very common for women, and gynecologists prescribe them like candy forContinue reading “My Hair Loss Story and How I Grew It Back”

My Favorite Curl Products

I am definitely a self proclaimed product junkie. I love all things beauty, and ever since I started on my curly hair journey I have collected quite a bit of curl goodies. I absolutely love trying new products and I have been lucky enough to have been gifted many of them by hair companies lookingContinue reading “My Favorite Curl Products”

My Curly Hair Journey

I started straightening my hair in high school. When I was a child I had very thick curly hair, that often looked frizzy because my mom didn’t really know how to care for it. I used to get made fun of in school for my wild hair and “fro” as some of my classmates wouldContinue reading “My Curly Hair Journey”