The Best Drug Store Curly Hair Products for Your Budget!

When I started out on my curly hair journey I didn’t realized just how many curly hair products there are, and I easily became overwhelmed by the choices & spent a ton of money trying different ones out. Not that I’m complaining about trying out new products, because I am definitely a product junkie, butContinue reading “The Best Drug Store Curly Hair Products for Your Budget!”

My Favorite Curl Products

I am definitely a self proclaimed product junkie. I love all things beauty, and ever since I started on my curly hair journey I have collected quite a bit of curl goodies. I absolutely love trying new products and I have been lucky enough to have been gifted many of them by hair companies lookingContinue reading “My Favorite Curl Products”

My Curly Hair Journey

I started straightening my hair in high school. When I was a child I had very thick curly hair, that often looked frizzy because my mom didn’t really know how to care for it. I used to get made fun of in school for my wild hair and “fro” as some of my classmates wouldContinue reading “My Curly Hair Journey”