The Best Drug Store Curly Hair Products for Your Budget!

Living my best curly life!

When I started out on my curly hair journey I didn’t realized just how many curly hair products there are, and I easily became overwhelmed by the choices & spent a ton of money trying different ones out. Not that I’m complaining about trying out new products, because I am definitely a product junkie, but it kinda sucks when you spend a lot on products that don’t work for your hair. From expensive Devacurl to cheaper brands like Aussie, I found products that really worked awesome, and some that didn’t measure up to my curl-spectations. What I did find however, is that you can totally score some great curl products at the drug store without breaking the bank. I consistently use shampoo, conditioner, deep treatments and a curl cream, gel and a mousse to style. I’ve picked out some of my favorites in each category to help your curls (and your wallet) out. **Please note that I DO NOT follow the Curly Girl Method so these products may not be CGM approved**

Shampoo & Condish: Garnier Curl Nourish Shampoo and Conditioners are super moisturizing, smell great and leave my hair soft, manageable and shiny. Best part? They are generally around $5 or less each and can be found at most drug stores, Target and Walmart. Shea Moisture is a really great brand for curls made with natural products. If your hair craves protein these are perfect choices! These are also found at most drug stores, Target and Walmart and a score at around $9 each.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: Shea Moisture for the win once again! I use both of these deep conditioners regularly. The Raw Shea Butter Deep Condition Mask is amazing for dry hair, it is soft and buttery and is a much more affordable alternative to Devacurl’s Melt Into Moisture. The Hydrate and Repair Protein Power Treatment is a holy grail for me. It is perfect for damaged curls or over-moisturized lifeless curls that have become limp. I usually apply this on my hair when it is dry and put a shower cap over it & leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse. My curls perk right up every time! Both can be found at most drugstores, Target & Walmart and are around $9 to $12 each.

Curl Creams: You really can’t go wrong with the Not Your Mother’s Curls Talk line of products and I especially love their Curl Defining Cream. It smells so good and leaves curls soft, shiny & defined and are only around $8 each. The Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Curl Cream is one of the first curl creams I tried on my hair and it is easily one of my favorites. Out of all the curl creams I’ve tried this one gives me consistently great results and is about $9. Again these products are found at most drug stores, Target and Walmart.

Gels: This ECO Style Gel is legit so cheap that you should have it in your stash just cuz. It has plenty of hold for defining curls, and at only $3 a tub you can’t go wrong. The Aussie Instant Freeze Gel is a curly girl staple and the smooth jelly adds shine and definition to hold your curly styles. Another steal at $4 and up depending on the store. Both can be found at most drugstores, Target & Walmart.

Mousse: I’m kinda picky when it comes to mousse, I like a thick, creamy mousse that gives a strong hold and both of these do exactly that. The Pantene Curl Mousse smells great and is around $5. What’s cool about the NYM Mousse is it’s alcohol free but still gives great definition and smells so good too; it’s around $9. Both are found at most drugstores, Target and Walmart.

Hope this list was helpful for all of my curlfriends out there! You can absolutely have beautiful curls without going broke. Check out my YouTube channel for styling tips!

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